Instrument Housings Teledyne Benthos

Teledyne Benthos’ patented VacuSealed glass floats and instrument housings are manufactured from precision-molded spheres to our exacting specifications. The edge of each hemisphere is ground flat, to extreme tolerances, in order to facilitate a secure, long-lasting vacuum within each sphere.

Vacuum Ports
A titanium vacuum port (Model 204-VPT) can be installed in a glass instrument housing to facilitate opening and closing the sphere. The vacuum port option is recommended for any housing that will be opened frequently.

Glass spheres are extremely strong under pressure and are relatively inexpensive when compared to other deep sea housings. Additionally, glass is not susceptible to the corrosion or degradation that housing products, made of other materials, exhibit when exposed to harsh ocean environments. Glass is lighter than most metals and the net buoyancy is greater than their weight in air.

Glass is extremely versatile as well. Teledyne Benthos can drill up to 20 holes in each glass sphere for the installation of penetrators, providing access to instrumentation which can be mounted inside.

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