Proximity Sensor with Infra Red BR100-DDT

BR100-DDT PhotoSensor is one type of photoelectric sensor that works based on light.

Photoelectric itself is a sensor used to detect objects that pass through the radiation beam emitted by the sensor, which is then reflected back to the sensor receiver.

Sensor Operation Modes:
a. Light ON: Receiver receives light so the output is ON, when the light is cut off by an object, the output is OFF
b. Dark ON: Receiver receives light, so the output is OFF, when the beam is cut by an object, the output is ON

Various types of censorship:

  1. Through-beam Sensors

There are two sensors, namely as a sender and one as a receiver, the Emitter functions as a sender of infrared light which will be received by the receiver to respond. When the light sent by the emitter to the receiver is blocked by a solid object, the receiver will respond so that the output will work.

  1. Retro-reflective Sensors

This type of sensor emitter and receiver are in one device / combined so that it is quite simple, the receiver’s duty in the type of through beam sensor, has been replaced by a reflector, the light emitted by the emitter comes out, will be reflected back by the reflector and then the beam is received by the receiver, so when the light emitted does not reach the receiver, the sensor output will work.

  1. Diffuse-reflective Sensors / Narrow beam reflective Sensors

This type of sensor is very simple, receiver and emitter combined in one place, but does not require a special reflector as above, the reflector itself is the object itself that is detected by the sensor. The sensor emits light (emitter) out, when an object comes from the face, then the light will be reflected by that object to the receiver, so the sensor output will work

Specifications Photosensor BR100-DDT:
Type / Diameter: Cylindrical / 18mm Photoelectric Sensor
Censorship Type: Diffuse Reflective
Censorship Distance: 100mm
Operating Mode: Light & Dark ON
Output Control: NPN
Material: Brass / Plastic
Voltage Rating: 12-24VDC
Detection distance: up to 20m
High response: less than 1ms
Does not need a reflector
Can detect opaque transparent objects

Code description:
BR: Photoelectric type
100: Censorship Distance = 100 mm (without mark: mm units)
D: Censorship Type = Diffuse Reflective
D: DC Voltage Source
Q: Transistor output

For a simple application of the BR100-DDT Photosensor with LEDs can be seen below.

Tools and materials used:

  1. Led
  2. 10k resistor
  3. Photosensor BR100-DDT
  4. Breadboard
  5. Jumper Cables
  6. 12V adapter

The result is Light ON, so the initial state of the photosensor status led and the circuit led are on, if photosensor is closed then the photosensor status led and the circuit led will turn off.
To get the opposite result, that is Dark ON, the white cable (control) is connected to 0V / GND so the original state of the photosensor status leds and the series LEDs are on, if photosensor is closed then the photosensor status LEDs and the circuit LEDs will turn off.

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